While Remote Projects can be fun & relaxing, a majority of employers expect the freelancers to actually go the extra mile and conduct Research & Tests by themselves. This too can be fun if you do not let it tire yourself. So how to do that?

Visual communication is the best communication as it involves our eyes, as the viewer trust what they see. When we are grownup and achieve adulthood, we have a millions of images kept somewhere in our subconscious mind. Humans brain have tendency to recall visual images other then sound they listen. Our mind acts in the very same manner what we have seen and remember the same while walking, sleeping or when we are quite. So visual messages plays very important role in our lives, come let's look into it.

What according to Google is Visual Communication definition:

"Visual communication is the communication of ideas through the visual display of information."

Why teaching online and using projectors have been started in school? Why presentations are considered important while going for a B2B business deal? Why advertising is so essential for companies and they spend a lot of money in it? All the questions above have the same answer and it is the power of visual communication. People respond to what they see.

Video marketing needs some important key points to keep in the mind by which viewers will interact and will capture the most. Below are things to remember:

  1. Get the Proper Training
  2. Improvement of content already written
  3. Tiny details have to be kept in mind
  4. Lightening should be proper

Therefore, one should invest in time and money in good graphic designs or can hire Creative web designer so that the viewers will have a deep effect in their mind visually and will recall the same image from time to time. This recall value can later be translated into sales or in traffic on your website resulting in ultimate conversation.

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Peter Zakas

Hey I’m Peter Zakas, a freelance Graphics Designer specializing in Illustration and Character Design. You can find me on Pete.io. Follow me on Behance & Dribbble for any future updates.

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  2. Joshua Sortino (reply)

    13 Aug 2015 at 11:28

    I like to stay productive so, in my free time, I advise companies by helping shape their design and product strategy. Most recently, I had the privilege serving as Designer in Residence in Jason Calacanis’ Launch Incubator.

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